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Anonymous gift: Tantric massage (Should I be concerned?)

posted by Kelly Ann Collins on September 29, 2010 11:49 am

I received an email last night from someone that claims to have a tantric massage company in Old Town, Alexandria, Va.:

<span style="color: #000000;"><em>"Hi Kelly,

"... A good friend of yours (she asked to remain anonymous, for now) has paid for you to receive a full body tantric massage during a tantra session with me in Old Town Alexandria.

"Tantra sessions are very soothing, relaxing and will have you floating on clouds when it's over.  During your session you'll be coached on breathing, concentration and sounding.  Tantra sessions, on average, usually go for about two to three hours. ..."</em></span>

And now, this massage person is IMing me, trying to get me to schedule my appointment. Uhh, no thank you.

posted by missAujahAcron

Forget that! I would straight up tell that person IMing you that you are totally creeped out and DO NOT CANTACT ME!

posted by

Find out if its an actual business... if so, get the employees name and call and complain that he's harassing you. Tell them you are going to take it to the police if it does not stop. I'll bet they react pretty quickly.

If its just some creeper there may not be a lot you can do except, again, contact the police if it gets to be too much.

posted by

I'd assume this was spam if I got an e-mail like that. vabeachbum's advice to call the place of business (if you actually find that this is a place of business) and report being harassed is a good idea.

Otherwise, just turn on your spam alert and block the IM username.

posted by

All good advice above.

posted by

Do not respond to this email. If you keep silent there is no guarantee to the sender that it has gone to a live mailbox!

Delete and use the spam filter.

I would love a tantric massage but would not book one under these circumstances.

posted by

Uhhh....I live in Old Town, Alexandria....

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